Ballet Ireland presents Romeo & Juliet

Venue: Watergate Theatre
Date: Tuesday 19th December
Time: 8:30pm
Price: €20, €16 concession

Open your heart to one of the world’s favourite love stories in this critically acclaimed production of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ by Ballet Ireland.

Against a backdrop of ancient feuds and gang warfare, the ill-fated young couple fall hopelessly in love, but their families are bitter enemies. In order to be together the two lovers must be prepared to risk everything.

The result is a heart stopping ballet with a dazzling combination of passion and hatred, comedy and high tragedy. The company’s critically-acclaimed Romeo and Juliet will be in 24 venues throughout Ireland this autumn including their performance during Yulefest Kilkenny in ‘The Watergate Theatre’ on 19th December.

Choreography: Morgann Runacre-Temple
Music: Sergei Prokofiev
Stage Design: Eye-Catching Design
Lighting Design: Zia Holly
(Performances given by kind permission of Boosey & Hawkes Publishing Limited)