Children’s Story Writing Workshop

Venue: Goods Shed, Mac Donagh Junction
Date: Saturday 9th December
Time: 12pm – 2pm
Price: FREE

This is a free workshop facilitated by Children’s Author Paula Leyden where children aged 8-12yrs will create their own Christmas poem. They will then be assisted by local artist Marie Lee (Marie is a Visual Art degree graduate) to write their poem on a lamp shade which will show up their poem and art work when lit. Each child will receive a lamp to take home free of charge.

Things you didn’t know about Paula Leyden

I was born all tangled up in a knot.

I hypnotised myself to stop eating chocolate – otherwise I would eat two or three bars a day.

I set off the fire alarm at boarding school to get out of a Double Physics class. I am not proud of that and wish I had paid more attention to Physics.

I am allergic to cats and horses – and breed horses.

At boarding school I sat for eight hours in front of a plate of liver refusing to eat it. I was eleven. The nuns eventually gave up and sent me to bed. I hate cruelty and smugness.

The furthest I have sleepwalked is about half a mile.

I can neither draw nor sing, but I can do other things so don’t mind too much.

I have been told I am very stubborn, but refuse to believe it.

I am extremely content in my life, but wish we lived in a kinder world.