The Italian Flag Wavers Group

Venue: Kilkenny Castle Courtyard
Date: Friday 1st December
Time: 5:30pm
Price: FREE

Venue: Kilkenny Castle Courtyard
Date: Sunday 3rd December
Time: 11:00am
Price: FREE

The Italian flag wavers group – “Gruppo Storico e Sbandieratori Città di Castiglion Fiorentino’- will enthral with this stunning display of flag waving in a Florentine tradition.

In this engaging performance which will launch Yulefest Kilkenny’s exciting festival, the dozen strong group relay a story of medieval posturing, embracing aspects of military life during the middle Ages with this ancient martial art.

Set against the perfect backdrop of Kilkenny Castle, the performance of flag throwing is a sight to behold. Harmony, Force and Commitment are the values of this sporting art. The group has performed with great success throughout Italy and abroad, bringing the Tuscan tradition of flag throwing and waving from Florence all over the world. In a visual spectacular, the performances by the “Gruppo Storico e Sbandieratori Città di Castiglion Fiorentino”.” re-enact aspects of military life during an age when the flag held significant psychological power on the battlefield and the display has evolved into a choreographic show of athleticism and homage. A show of sporting art combined with military precision is one not to be missed!