Waterford High Hopes Choir & Carlow Ukulele Players

Come along and experience a joyful festive evening of music and fun.

Waterford High Hopes Choir:

This choir which also includes homeless people is the brain-child of former RTE Concert Orchestra’s principal conductor David Brophy. His idea behind it was to give homeless people a voice and help them change the public’s perception of what it means to be homeless. It worked. RTE made a heart-moving documentary that brought the reality of homelessness to viewers. Members gained a sense of self-confidence and it allowed them to believe in themselves. Many are back in school or college now and are no longer on the streets. Music changed their lives.

Carlow Ukulele Players:

Carlow Ukulele Players have performed at many festivals and events, including Borris Festival of Writing and Ideas, Ducketts Grove Christmas Fair, St Patricks Day Festival and Visual Carlow where they collaborated with The Aspiro Choir for Culture night.

Carlow Ukulele Players are all about fun, upbeat performances where audience participation is actively encouraged!

This event which also doubles as a fundraiser for the Waterford High Hopes Choir takes place in a beautiful venue, the Medieval Mile Museum.

Des & Mona Manahan will also perform the duet”Inextricably Linked” along with the choir on the night. Des & Mona, both in their 80’s, shot to fame last year when their story went viral of how Des recently learned how to apply Mona’s makeup when her eyesight started to fade. The “Inextricably Linked” single will also be on sale at the event with proceeds going to the Waterford High Hope Choir.

Saturday 7th December
8:00 pm — 10:00 pm

Medieval Mile Museum